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Value-Added Services
Reinforcing the IDEAL philosophy of not simply selling products, but also adding value through related back-up services, our unique Value-Added Services are behavioral change interventions tailored to the specific needs of the customer concerned. Our specialists first analyze the customer's challenges and define his exact needs, and then apply focused training of operating crew members and supervisors in the correct application of blasting methods for their specific situation.

IDEAL offers Consulting services in all aspects of Blast Management, Explosives Selection and Explosives regulatory compliance. We are conversant with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. We also provide consulting services for Drilling, Blasting and Mine Development operations.

We are providing excellent services to Construction, Oil prospecting organization, Water development agencies, Departments etc,.

Achievement of this purpose has involved a clearly defined dual vision. On the one hand, the company strives to maximize opportunities and value for customers, shareholders and employees through the development, supply of value-added services, Initiating systems and Explosives. On the other hand, it continues to grow its position as the world's leading quality manufacturer of high-value, low cost Commercial Explosives & Accessories.

Our Blast Consulting Team
Our Blast Consulting Team is a specialist consultancy unit dedicated to maximizing customer profit by optimizing blasting results. It offers an advanced and innovative blasting technology service – embracing design, measurement, analysis, problem shooting, training and the publishing of technical papers across the full spectrum of mining activity in India and beyond. A full range of Explosives, Initiating systems and services is available from IDEAL.

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