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  1. Make sure that all connections are made with clean bare wire ends and if necessary freshly exposed bare wire
  2. Make sure that the insulation of the leg wires is intact and not damaged by rough handling during charging, stemming etc.
  3. Insulate all joints in wet conditions to arrest the leakage of applied firing current.
  4. Make sure that the leg wires are sufficiently long to allow adjacent holes to be joined without use of additional connecting wires.
  5. Test the shot firing cable for continuity and insulation before using in the circuit.
  6. Make sure that the bare ends do not come in contact with any conductors such as power lines, pipes, rails or other paths of stray current.
  7. Make sure that the blasting circuit is not in the immediate vicinity of any electrical equipment during shotfiring. The stray current may fire off normal electric detonators.
  8. Ensure the usage of delay numbers in desired sequence in the blast.
  9. Make sure that all persons were withdrawn to a place of safety before connecting shotfiring cable to the circuit.
  10. Make sure that the shotfiring cable is connected to the exploder just before firing the shot and is immediately disconnected after the shot is fired.
  11. The exploder key must always be in the possession of the blaster and not kept on the machine.
  12. Ensure that the exploder used is of adequate capacity and the current is of the desired magnitude for full initiation of the round.
  13. Make sure that the excess leg wires are neatly coiled and the connections are not getting earthed anywhere.
  14. Check the circuit for continuity before firing the shots. This must be done using only with approved blast- ohm-meter.
  15. Ensure that the shotfiring cable is of adequate length for firing from a point of safety.
  16. Make sure that no person approaches the blast site until it is cleared of the fumes and inspected for safety.
  17. Always take a shelter before firing the circuit.

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