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Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate (PETN) is a white color crystallite material. The crystals are short and Hexagonal with minimum elongates and free from needle shaped crystals, dust and visible impurities. PETN is used independently as a high explosive, as the explosive core for detonating Fuse (or) as an ingredient of composite explosives.

The most common use of PETN is as an explosive with high brisance. It is more difficult to detonate than primary explosives, so dropping or igniting it will typically not cause an explosion (at atmospheric pressure it is difficult to ignite and burns relatively slowly), but is more sensitive to shock and friction than other secondary explosives such as TNT or tetryl. Under certain conditions a deflagration to detonation transition can occur.

It is rarely used alone, but primarily used in booster and bursting charges of small caliber ammunition, in upper charges of detonators in some land mines and shells, and as the explosive core of detonation cord.PETN is the least stable of the common military explosives, but can be stored without significant deterioration for longer than nitroglycerin or nitrocellulose.

Product Specifications :

Melting Point : 139-142°C
Nitrogen Content : 17.5% minimum
Stability by Abel heat test : 80 ° C for 10 minutes minimum
Flow time : 220 - 240 Seconds max.(for 500 gms through 5mm bore funnel)
Bulk density : 0.80 TO 0.90 gms/cc
Moisture (for transportation) : 25%
Moisture (for use) : 0.1%
Insolubles in Acetone : 0.2%
Acidity as HNO3 : 0.2%
Alkanity as Na2CO3 : 0.005%
Ash Content : 0.005%
Sieve Size

: a) through BSS 18 : 100%
b) through BSS 100: <3%

Storage Conditions:

PETN is classified as an "EXPLOSIVES" and must be stored in magazines on wooden platforms/reapers.


11.25 Kgs Dry PETN with 25% moisture is packed in double lined heavy gauge polythene bags.
The bag is kept in a Aluminum container provided with a lid . One such container is packed in a laminated-corrugated cartoon.

Shipping Information:

As per IMDG (International Maritine Dangerous Goods) Classifications
1, Division: 1.1, Group: D, Un No.: 0151, Page No.: 1106, Storage Category: II TYPE 'B'
As per PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) Classifications
ID No.:
581 ,Class: 3, Division: 2, Category: ZZ

Note :

1.Special products/sizes will be supplied to suit the customers requirments.
2.Packing all products are packed in approved fibre cases;each containing 25kg(net weight)of explosives.

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