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SRIDET I Introduction

Ideal Detonators Pvt. Ltd., manufacturers and offers the Non Electric Initiating Product with brand name SRIDET-I which combines the versatility and advantages of Electric detonators and detonating fuse.

SRIDET-I basically consists of a Shock Tube of 2 layers having very small quantity of explosive material, HMX on its inner annular surface crimped with a Delay Detonator. The Delay Detonator shell consists of Primary Explosive Lead Azide with Aluminum powder and secondary explosive charge as PETN and a single pyrotech delay or multiple pyrotech elements depending on delay time range. Charge of Primary and secondary explosives quantity makes detonator No. 8 strength. The Shock Tube has high tensile strength and resistance to elongation.

When the shock tube initiated a low order shock wave with a velocity of 2000±2000, meters /second passes through the shock tube and initiates the detonator. The shock wave does not disturb the tube shape and tube shape would be intact. Shock tube can be initiated with Electric Detonator or with Detonating Fuse or with Piezo initiator. Ideal Detonators Pvt. Ltd produces FIVE types of SRIDET-I

The unique features of the SRIDET-I:

  1. The shock tube is a coextruded THREE layered tube with thin coating of explosive charge - HMX
  2. The explosive charge is highly reliable
  3. The Shock Tube is oil resistant and moisture resistant
  4. Simple and safe to handle and the user is not exposed to direct handling of any explosive material

SRIDET-I is designed and developed for:

  1. Sequential firing.
  2. To reduce ground vibrations.
  3. To reduce charge per delay insensitive areas.
  4. To provide the true bottom initiation in the blasts.
  5. To provide good fragmentation.
  6. Less fly rock.
  7. Less air blast.
  8. Maximum safety towards stray currents, leakage current sand air born static charges.
  9. There are 5 types of SRIDET-I for various applications:
    5. SRIDET-I (M S)


Shell material ALUMINUM
Shell length(mm) 62-68 mm
Shell outside diameter(mm)
Shock tube length(m) 1.2 M to 30.0 M (on demand of Users)
Kinds of shock tube Common Type and High strength Type
Water proof Water depth(m) 20
Time(h) 8
Anti tensile Force Common type The shock tube and the detonator shall not be disjointed each other when applying 49N tensile force for 1 minutes
High strength type The shock tube and the detonator shall not be disjointed each other when applying 98N tensile force for 1 minutes
Power The diameter of the exploded hole in 5mm- thick led plate shall be larger than the outside diameter of the detonator.
Period and delay time

Note :

Take care in handling, prohibit being impacted violently, away from fire source and high temperature objects and should not be exposed to sunshine and rain. Winding and folding are forbidden during using. Detonator should be tied tightly with shock tube when exploding by single detonator.

Shock Tube Image

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