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Bulk Explosives

Bulk Explosives


IDEAL Industrial Explosives Ltd offers a complete, on-site service that delivers explosives directly into the shot hole. IDEAL COLUMN is a site manufactured explosive. Bulk Explosives Systems or Site Mixed Systems are the state of art technology in vogue presently to cater to the needs of customers who consume large quantities of explosives. The materials, once blended, are pumped direct into the shot-hole by trained and experienced operators. This mobile unit is also able to cater to any on-the-spot demands for change of blends manufacturing formulations to blast the various types of rocks.

IDEAL, with its strong R&D base, is in a position to offer such systems to the customers. The system envisages supply of Heavy Slurry/Bulk Emulsions as detailed under:

  • The system, with a capacity of up to 10 to 14 tonnes / Per trip.
  • It allows for a widening of the drill pattern thus reducing overall costs.
  • Ideal Col- E is waterproof and therefore ideally suited to any ground conditions.
  • 100 % explosive rock coupling allows maximum use of explosive energy.
  • Reduced manual handling means less labour required.
  • Ideal Col-E speeds up the blast process, especially on larger shots.
  • Disposal of packaging on-site is no longer necessary.
  • Increased safety as Ideal Col - E only becomes an explosive after 20 minutes in the shot hole.
Bulk Explosives Transport

By reducing work force and drilling requirements, this convenient system allows significant savings in the overall cost of blasting operations. This is in line with its mission to achieve higher market share and provide excellent products with innovation that spells effectiveness and efficiency to the customers. Bulk Emulsion explosives provide optimal blasting results and in return yield greater productivity.

Density (g/cc) Weight
V O D (Mtr/Sec) Sensitivity Water
Ideal Column -E 0.9-1.20 900 to 1100 3500 to 4500 Booster sensitive Excellent Bulk Explosives
Ideal Column-S 0.9-1.20 900 to 1100 3500 to 4500 Booster sensitive Excellent


Products are suitable for dry, watery holes and drag line application. Safety, Stability & Performance of the products are assured. Products are capable of replacing the use of cartridge Explosives.


  • Magazines not required, thereby eliminating security risk.
  • Costs would be less than that of cartridge explosives.
  • Movement of explosives from the point of manufacturer to that of usage is avoided.
  • Inventory of explosives are not carried
  • Blasting practices can be engineered to suit the strata involved. Bulk explosives of different density and strength can be tailor - made to suit the blast design.
  • Bulk explosives fill-up the blast holes completely without gaps/voids. This ensures better performance.
  • Productivity of blasting operations enhances immensely due to elimination of many non-productive activities besides higher rate of loading.

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