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A Plain Detonator consists of an Aluminum shell filled with PETN and ASA as secondary and primary charge. The spit of fire conveyed by the Safety Fuse is picked up by the primary charge which detonates the secondary charge for initiating high explosive charges. Product strength ensures complete initiation of cap sensitive Emulsion / Slurry explosives.

Product Specifications:

Shell Material : Aluminum
Shell length : 42mm
Strength : No.8
Outer / Inner diameter : 7.2mm / 6.35mm
Packing (nos./box) : 10,000 Nos.
Packing box material : Wooden
Net Weight : 19 Kgs
Gross Weight : 36 Kgs
Box dimensions : 540 X 400 X 315


100nos. of Super Plain detonators will be packed in card board carton. 5 cartons are wrapped with Kraft paper and made in to a packet. 20 such packet (20 X 500 = 10,000 Nos.) will be kept in double – walled wooden cases.


The Super Plain detonators along with Safety Fuse will be safe to handle at various hazardous locations like radio transmitters, high
power cables, near heavy electrical machinery etc. They are more effective in dry holes. They can be used for boulder blasting, safe
initiation of quarry blasting, and in open blast and non-gassy underground mines.



  • Take care to ensure the end of Safety Fuse is free of any oil/moisture/grease Contamination
  • Use a sharp Knife for cutting the Safety Fuse squarely. Rugged ends may cause difficulty in insertion.
  • Ensure the crimping of Safety Fuse is near the open end of Detonator.
  • Ensure the Safe burning speed of Safety Fuse for a safe blast.
  • Ensure to use adequate length of Safety Fuse so as to allow sufficient time for withdrawal to safety.


  • Do not force or screw the Safety Fuse into the Detonators.
  • Avoid using Fuse which can be inserted with difficulty.
  • Avoid tight crimping as they may lead to misfires.
  • Do not allow naked lights or smoking in vicinity of Detonators.
  • Avoid usage of any other means except standard recommended crimpers.

Shipping Information:

As per IMDG (International Maritine Dangerous Goods) Classifications
1, Division: 1.1, Group: B, Un No.: 0029, Page No.: 1259, Storage Category: II TYPE 'C'

As per PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) Classifications
ID No.:
718 ,Class: 6, Division: 3, Category: ZZ

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