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Cast Boosters


Cast Boosters are High Detonation pressure explosives and are sensitive to No. 6 detonator, No.8 detonator and Detonating Fuse. Upon initiation, Cast Boosters detonate at a high velocity and very high temperature.

These qualitites together with higher density produces good detonation that makes them efficient Primers and Boosters. They can used to Prime the boreholes with ANFO, Cartridge explosives, Bulk explosives.

Each Booster will have two through holes for easy insertion of Detonating Fuse or Detonator.

It makes efficient primer and booster that detonate at a very High Velocity Detonation and Temperature. These qualities, together with high density produces great Detonation pressure. The booster can be stored for long period of time, as it contain no liquid ingredients and can be operated easily.

Cast Boosters are available in 100grams, 250grams, 400 grams and 500grams.

  • Cast Boosters contain no Nitro-Glycerin and therefore are less sensitive to shock and friction .
  • Cast Boosters have long storage life.
  • Convenient to use and assemble no prickers are required.
  • Cast Boosters contain no headache causing ingredients.

Product Specifications :

1.55 TO 1.61 GMS/CC
Detonation velocity
7500 - 7800 mts/sec
Shock energy
237 calories/gram
Bubble energy
470 calories/gram
Detonation pressure
240 kilobars
Weight per booster
100gr, 250gr, 400gr, 500gr

Product Name Density (G/CC) Velocity of
Pellete size
Dia X Nominal
Per Case
(Net Weight 25 Kgs)
Ideal Booster
1.55 - 1.61 7800 100 gms (36x76) 250 No.s cast_Boosters
Ideal Booster
1.55 - 1.61 7800 100 gms (36x76) 100 No.s
Ideal Booster
1.55 - 1.61 7800 100 gms (36x76) 62 No.s
Ideal Booster
1.55 - 1.61 7800 100 gms (36x76) 50 No.s


These boosters can be used for effectively initiating non-cap sensitive charges in a bore hole, at any predetermined point in a column of explosives charge.

Shipping Information:

As per IMDG (International Maritine Dangerous Goods) Classifications
1, Division: 1.1, Group: D, Un No.: 0042, Page No.: 1227, Storage Category: I

As per PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) Classifications
ID No.:
450 ,Class: 6, Division: 2, Category: ZZ

Note :

1.Special products/sizes will be supplied to suit the customers requirments.
2.Packing All products are packed in approved fibre cases;each containing 25kg(net weight)of explosives.

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