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SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY Detonators are shock tube based detonators designed to control the millisecond delay sequence from hole to hole, across the surface of a blast. SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators are specially designed to withstand temperature ranging from -10℃ to 50 ℃.

SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators consist of a length of SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY shock tube and a 8 strength delay detonator. The free end of the tubing is closed with a waterproof seal. The stopper avoids the coming out of shock tube in case of use with connectors.


SRIDET- I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators provide a high level of safety against initiation by static electricity, stray electrical currents and radio frequency transmission.

Product Specifications:

Parameter : Specification
Tube OD : 3±0.05 mm
Std Delays : 25,50,100,150,200,250,300,500,800,1100,1500,2000,2500,3000 ms
VOD : 2000±200 ms
Type of shell : Aluminum
Strength of Detonator : 8*
Shelf Life : 1 year from date of manufacture
Sleeping Time under water : Maximum 1 week
Exposure to sunrays/Heat : At 50ºC continuous exposure to sun heat or other source of heat may soften the tube. This may not affect the performance. From the safety point of view it is desired to minimize the exposure time.
Packing   1 - 2 Meters – 300 Pcs/case
3 - 6 Meters – 200 Pcs/case
7 - 12 Meters – 100 Pcs/case
13 - 15 Meters – 80 Pcs/case
16 - 25 Meters – 60 Pcs/case
30 Meters – 50 Pcs/case
50 Meters – 25 Pcs/case
Gross Weight   10.0 Kgs. (Approx.)
Case Dimensions   540mm X 315mm X 305mm (0.052 cbm) (Fiber-board case)


SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators provide a series of inhole delay timings suitable for surface mining, quarrying and other surface excavations. SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators will directly initiate primers like cast boosters and cap sensitive packaged explosives. This permits large well-controlled blasts to be fired, producing better results more efficiently.

Recommendation for use:

SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators may be used in the full range of temperature experienced in India or other counties under the normal mining conditions. However, sleep time capability may be reduced above 40º C and technical; advice should be obtained. SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY Detonators must be fired within one week after loading into bulk explosives.

Shock tube is extremely robust, however if it is cut or split, moisture may enter the hollow core and cause a misfire SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators should always be secured inside a suitable primer, which fully encloses the detonator. Exposed detonators should not be placed inside blast holes or charging hoses. SRIDET-I MILLISECOND DELAY detonators used inside blast holes should normally be “reverse primed”, with the detonator base pointing towards the hole collar.

Excessive force should not be applied to shock tubes connected to in-hole detonators and primers. If a primer becomes struck when attempting to retrieve or reposition it, a replacement unit should be used.

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