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Super Relay is a Non – Electric surface delay to provide delay between the holes and rows in Detonating Fuse initiated blast patterns. The super Relay has two holes on either end of the component to insert and tie the Detonating fuse. The Super Relays are bi-directional and can be used in the blast for safe and reliable multi-directional blast designs.

Product Specifications:

Product : Super Relay (By-directional Super Relays)
Nominal Delay Time : 25MS/50MS/75MS/100MS
Color of Component : Yellow/Blue/White/Pink
Compatibility : 10gms/mtr Detonating Card
Packing : 400 Nos/Case
Gross Weight : 15 Kgs
Net Weight : 7 Kgs


Super Relays are packed in cartons of 50nos.each. Such cartons are packed in wooden case or fibre board cases. The quantity per case is 400nos. The case dimensions are 305 (L) X 305 (W) X 185(H).


Super Relays consists of two delay devices assembled in a plastic component. Two holes are provided at either ends for threading the
Detonating cord. For identification, different colored plastic components are used for different delay intervals.
Super Relays can be used to provide delay initiation patters such as row delay, diagonal pattern, V-pattern etc. Super Relays can be used in such a manner that only one hole blast at a time thus keeping the maximum charge per delay.

Usage and Handling:

  • Detonating fuse should be laid between the holes without much slackness.
  • Cut the Detonating fuse and insert the end into the hole provided for this purpose in the connector.
  • Insert the other end of Detonating fuse into the hole of the new Super relay.
  • Make sure that the detonating fuse ends do not fall on the middle of the relay.
  • Make sure that the ends of the Detonating fuse will not get wet once laid on the ground.
  • Keep the relay close to the ground and to the hole as much as possible.
  • The circuit should be looped for dual advantage of blasting.

Shipping Information:

As per IMDG (International Maritine Dangerous Goods) Classifications
1, Division: 1.1, Group: B, Un No.: 0029, Page No.: 1259, Storage Category: II TYPE 'C'

As per PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) Classifications
ID No.:
720 ,Class: 6, Division: 3, Category: ZZ


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